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Life can be rough sometimes one day you may have everything going for you then something like a divorce, loss of a family member, job change, or house fire happens. This might put in person in a position where they would have sell  their house for cash. If you are going through this we understand and we are here to help. We also want you to know you are not alone.



We understand what you are going through as a distressed seller. Regardless if you may be behind on your mortgage and facing foreclosure, split with a partner, loss of employment, inherited a property you cannot afford,  or had a fire to your home. We understand you may need to sell a home quickly. Maybe your house is in need of so much repair you think that there aren’t any home buyers for your situation. That could not be further from the truth. Like many States Minnesota is filled real estate investors also called cash buyers, many own companies that buy houses that need a lot of work. They could be your best Home Insurance Policy. Great thing about these guys is they move very quick, love homeowners who are selling their houses for cash, and will be more than happy if you sell your house in as in condition. Not only will they pay for all repairs but also pay all closing cost. 612-839-5881 Call today and see how we can HELP YOU!

We also work with retail sellers. Now you are in a little bit of a different boat (or house)… Maybe you are someone who has owned a house for a long time and looking to downsize or retire, maybe you are sick of the city and want to move to the country or vice versa. In any case you need a great realtor that knows your area and can accurately price your home. A realtor that know the right time to list your house so the public knows that their is a home to sale.

Regardless if you are a retail or distressed seller, looking to buy or sale a moderate or luxury home we are here to help. Give us a call and let us help you sell you property fast!

Jimi Rue